About Us

Onion Reporting Software Ltd
Forsyth House, Cromac Square

Onion Reporting Software aims to provide simple to use, low cost, yet flexible, high added value reporting products to the small business community.  With many years of experience of working with financial reporting software for large businesses, responding to users’ needs regarding robust visibility of source data, the team at Onion Reporting Software has implemented many of the same principles in delivering its software for the benefit of the small business user.  

Our suite of Onion products works with the Sage 50 Accounts family of products and Excel to deliver on the above objectives. We are members of the Sage Developers’ Programme.

Our pricing reflects a desire to empower the small business user whilst allowing us to continue to develop this, and other products, along similar lines.

We hope you like what we do.


Onion Reporting Software Ltd

Company number NI617753.